We don't use just anybody who can fish and row, no sir! Matt and his father, Don, are the first line of quality guides around here. They've worked together on the water for about twenty-five years, on and off, and know how to find fish, treat anglers, and have a good time doing both.

Matt and a client admire the catch

Matt here is top dog: he's up and ready to go early and likes to stay out late if the fish are up. He's got more flies that catch fish than almost anyone, and he's ready to show you how to use 'em.

Whether it's classic walk-wade dryfly fishing on glassy slicks for wary sippers or blasting along a rock-strewn stream searching pockets for big ones, Matt's your man on the water. Bring your A-game, some strong tippet - even if it's 7x - and be ready for anything, 'cause he makes the unusal happen every day.